TEK-IT provides solutions and services for all computing services in the business. We have extensive experience in the world of business computing in all areas of the company and we offer different routes from consulting, characterization, bank of hours or regular routes. Professionalism is the prerequisite and meaning, using extensive knowledge to find creative solutions for any technology challenge effectively based on cost-benefit considerations.

 We are courteous and professional
 We provide computing services at 24/7 availability
 We are fair at prices and do not charge any brokerage fees 
 We bring good vibes to your organization and good energy 
 We have a very high level of service. We're here to help.
 We are connected to the best distributors and providers so 
your business never misses a thing.

What they say about us?


Zur Lambert has built for us our entire clinic's computing and networking system, including Internet and classified information protection systems. Zur is a true professional, meticulous, dedicated to provide solutions up to the last detail and he will also invest his private time including weekends  to support and assist until we are completely satisfied. "Tek-it's team is very professional, dedicated and punctual - by the standards of quality that Zur is leading." highly recommend. good luck.

Dr. Yaron and Iris Finkelstein

TEK-IT  שירותי מחשוב לעסקים בכל איזור המרכז פתרונות מחשוב יצירתיים ושירותי מחשוב מתקדמים  לעסקים- אנו מסירים ממך דאגה ומוודאים שאתה מקבל את המירב ממערכות ה- IT של העסק.

TEK-IT, המעיין 3, ראשל"צ